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“You Can’t Fake Fashion”

If there is one thing people hate it’s everything and everyone who falls under the category of “fake.”  When it comes to fashion accessories fakes are a MAJOR faux pas to in-the-know stylistas.  Nothing is more unattractive than a person bragging left and right about a knockoff bag they found for cheap in some hidden store.  First of all – it makes you look as cheap as the bag cost.  Secondly – it defeats the purpose of purchasing a high quality accessory that will last for seasons to come.  And finally, it’s just plain wrong.  Counterfeit goods have been linked to everything from organized crime to terrorism.  Popular for selling designer goods, eBay is stepping up tot the plate to help support the fight against counterfeit goods by partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America for the “You Cant Fake Fashion” campaign.  It is estimated that every 16 seconds a designer bag or pair of shoes is sold over ebay,  and they want to make sure every piece is authentic for shoppers to enjoy.  eBay already has a close relationship with designers, offering authentic pieces from emerging talent and major brands while also selling exclusive collections from designers such as Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff, Narciso Rodriguez and Derek Lam.

Beginning March 20th, an exclusive collection of more than 75 totes customized by America’s foremost designers will be sold exclusively on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting the CFDA Foundation.

Tote by Milly