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Top 5: Highschool Villains

Hollywood does it’s best to constantly remind us not to mess with teenage girls. While watching high school movies you start to realize cliques no longer represent a group of friends, but packs of psychotic wolves in color coordinated outfits.  We can’t get enough of the big screen’s teenage terrors – they provide us with classic quotes, outfit inspiration, and a fear of all high school girls. Here are our Top 5 picks of our favorite bad girl cliques -let us know your favorite picks or anyone we missed!

5. The Craft – “You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her.”

Channeling teen angst and the powers of black magic to survive high school – these girls take revenge of he nerds to it’s a whole new (and very dark) level. Their torturous hexes make you think twice about picking on the outcasts.

It’s always the one you least expect…


4. Jawbreaker- “I Killed the Teen Dream. Get Over It.”

Take one fun birthday prank, and innocent childhood treat and one of the most popular girls in school dead in the trunk of her best friend’s car – and you’ve got the beginning of the scandalous road to high school royalty. In this A-Crowd clique, status is everything and Courtney and Marcie are the newly crowned queens at school after the unfortunate murder death of their best friend. This devilish duo show no mercy as they set out to ruin any one who crosses their path.

And even blood thirsty psycho bitches can be voted prom queen


3.  Heathers – “Well, Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?”

Everyone dreams of being a Heather. The tight knit group of frenemies made picking on the week seem like a sport. Heather Chandler leads the pack before her untimely death, keeping her subordinates in line and in constant fear of her wrath. As ‘friends’ they are probably just as cruel to each other as they are to their peers, being the driving force behind each other’s angst and depression yet still putting on a smile and to match their shoulder padded blazers. It’s no surprise someone thought it was about time to start killing them off.

Shannen Doherty never heard the final “cut” and remains in character to this day


2. Cruel Intentions- “I’m the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself.

If you thought any of the previous girls couldn’t be topped – you clearly never met Kathryn Merteuil. With the help of her step brother, Sebastian, sex became the ultimate weapon to bring down their peers. Eventually Kathryn betrays her own partner in crime and takes delight in watching everyone’s world crumble around her – that is until she is exposed ad sent to jail in a cloud of shame, social rejection and cocaine.

Well anyone would look like a bitch standing next to Reese.

1. Mean Girls- “And evil takes a human form in Regina George”

Without the help of Regina, Gretchen and Karen our girlcabulary would lack gems like ‘frenemies’ and ‘fetch’. Let’s be real – at some point you complimented a girl on her ugly sweater to laugh about it later, contemplated a burn book, and maybe even tried to declare Tuesdays ‘pink day’ among your bffls. What made these girls so scary was that they weren’t afraid to be the bitches who every one hated. This A-clique ran their school with an iron fist and not even getting hit by a bus could stop their fearless and fabulous leader.

I’m pretty sure Regina had the last laugh on this one.



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