Splurge Vs. Steal: High Tops!

We are absolutely in love with the Isabel Marant high top sneakers sported on everyone from hipster to couture shopper recently…but as this love affair was a bit of a surprise we’re just not quite sure how long we’ll feel this way – SO – we found the most fabulous alternative to dropping $660 on a pair of kicks that may quickly make their way to the “save until they’re one day back in style or you pass them on to your kid pile,” picking up an almost identical pair from Blink for just $79.99!  Verdict, in the Splurge vs. Steal: High Tops edition, STEAL WINS.

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Trend Talk Thursday: Prom Queen

Welcome to your last  prom themed Trend Talk Thursday! Each week we’ve been finding the perfect prom looks for the reigning queens of every clique – this last installment is all about the Glamour Grads.  This look is all about girls who appreciate elegance and to put on a show with their red-carpet-ready sense of style. These future fashion icons know the secret to creating a timeless look without over doing it, and of course this prom looks’s inspiration is brought to you by the one and only Anne Hathaway -the epitome of style and grace. Click the picture to find out where you can get your hands on the featured pieces!