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Sunday DIY: The Perfect Top Bun

Recently we have been obsessing over all of the perfectly robust top buns sitting on the heads of gorgeous people all around this city and wondering why ours never seem to be as full or wonderfully round…until we stumbled on the secret – there are socks inside!  After digging deep we found the perfect tutorial thanks to Wedding Chicks and trust me, after you spend your Sunday perfecting this easy-peasy DIY, you will be totally addicted.  Best trick ever.  Enjoy!

Step One:
Take a sock and cut the toe off. The thicker the the sock, the larger the bun. Try to use a sock that is similar to your hair color (light sock for light hair, etc.). Starting from the area you cut, roll the sock down, tightly, to form a doughnut shape. H&M also offers a cheater version of the doughnut.

Step Two:
Brush out your hair and secure hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. Where you place your ponytail will be where the center of the bun rests. The higher the pony tail, the higher the bun placement. You can smooth out the hair, creating a sleeker ponytail for a more elegant bun, or allow a few wispy pieces, for a less kept, playful bun.

Step Three:
Take the sock you rolled and pull the hair from the ponytail through the center of the doughnut, and spread the ends of the hair around the doughnut. You will start rolling the doughnut down the hair, starting from the ends of the hair and rolling to the base of the ponytail. As you roll, continue tucking and spreading the hair under and around the doughnut.  Don’t give up, it may seem like it isn’t working but it is.  If you have lots of layers, or very straight hair, you can slightly back comb the hair in the ponytail, prior to rolling, to help with keeping the hair together as you roll the hair down.

Once you have rolled the hair completely, and the bun is resting in place, you can use the end of a comb to tuck any pieces out of place into, and under, the bun. Use bobby pins and hair pins to secure the bun (placing them under the bun to help hold in place, securing any loose pieces). Check to make sure there are no places where the sock is visible. If you can see the sock, just spread the hair and secure with a pin.

Spray with a light finishing spray.  Voila!

DIY & Photos courtesy of Wedding Chicks


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