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A New Era in Fashion Television

All fashion lovers know that the standard TV show to refer all our real-life situations to is HBO’s Sex and the City. Every fan has related to Sex and the City in one way or another and have probably caught Carrie Bradshaw’s contagious shoe-obsession. (Well…I have) The E! Network has even been playing re-runs every day to attract those late bloomers.

Sex and the City Style

Even though Sex and the City will always remain a classic, a new era in fictional, fashionable, New York television has evolved. There has been talk that the CW’s Gossip Girl is the new Sex and the City. According to the New York Times, Mayor Bloomberg has even announced Gossip Girl to be “good for the city” while celebrating the 100th episode. With a completely different storyline, representation of characters and class system, the show has attained a very similar audience that Sex and the City had when it was still releasing new episodes.  The one thing that remains the same for both, is the successful costume designer, Eric Daman. His impeccable taste played a major role in captivating an audience for both shows.  The fashion statements impact not only the industry, but real people on the streets too. We all desire to have Blair Waldorfs’ fabulous coats, headbands and designer gowns… and guys, we know you look to Chuck Bass for style advice too.

The dynamic duo, Blair and Serena, work their style on set just like Carrie and her girlfriends did. That goes to show how great of an effect costumes have on an audience. Neither would be as popular without their iconic designer style and both will go down in history as two of the most fashionable shows in television.

Gossip Girl Style

So what’s next….a Gossip Girl movie to follow in the footsteps of Sex and the City? (I hope so!) Until then, I’ll have to keep my 8:00 time slot on Monday nights free to tweet about the fashions in the new Gossip Girl episode along with all the other fabulous fans. The 100th episode airs tonight at 8:00 eastern time, tweet #GG to join the conversation!