Whimsy at its Finest: Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

We are a bit obsessed with all things whimsical so we obviously fell madly in love with the above photo the minute we found it…the picture is, in fact, a real life home straight out of a storybook.  The genius estate is the brainchild of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, known to historians and architects alike as the figurehead of Catalan Modernism.  Built in 1877 and remodeled in 1904 for a middle class family situated in the prosperous district of Barcelona (middle-class, seriously,) the spectacular Casa Batlló, also known as Casa Dels Ossos meaning house of bones, was just another cozy family home.  The remarkable work of art is now a museum, becoming a prominent spot for photographers and tourists, go figure…we know if that baby was ours it would have been passed down through generations of fairytale lovers and you better bet someone would still be living in it.  Check out more of the dreamy underworldesque home below.